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Show-stopping Table Heading For Newport

Sep 14, 2021

Our new Show table by Tyson, Vishal, and Gansham, ready for the Newport Boat Show! Come and visit us in Tent G 23 (from Thursday), check out this table, find out about our BVI Drysail Program for the 2021/2022 season, or just talk boat management and maintenance with us!

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Dustless Blasting

B&G Introducing Dustless Blasting from September

Aug 17, 2021

B&G Marine Services in the BVI will be offering Dustless Blasting from early September. Cleaner, quicker and cheaper than other methods, B&G will be able to clean boat bottoms, and prepare them for painting, with less environmental impact and 20% cheaper than alternative methods.

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B&G Marine Services opens in Annapolis

B&G Opens In Annapolis

Jun 2, 2021

B&G Marine Services, a yacht management, maintenance and refit company with operations in the British Virgin Islands and Newport, RI, has opened a third service centre in Annapolis, MD.

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Extensive Refit For Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54

Apr 30, 2021

Our team in the BVI just completed a partial but still extensive refit and renovation for Gypsy, a 2005 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54; and with our talented and experienced team, everything was done in-house.

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B&G and Kanberra sponsor 2021 KPMG Tortola Torture

B&G and Kanberra Sponsor KPMG Tortola Torture

Mar 23, 2021

B&G Marine Services, as the BVI dealer for Kanberra products, has joined the 2021 KPMG Tortola Torture, a 34-mile ultramarathon around Tortola, as the “sanitizing and freshness” sponsor.

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B&G’s Experienced Marine Repair Team Performs Fast Turnaround

Mar 2, 2021

Having a team with a broad range of skills means we were able turnaround Oil Nut Bay’s Roamer, which needed a substantial overhaul, in less than a week.

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ElectroSea Clearline

New Clearline Lid Kits From ElectroSea

Feb 16, 2021

ElectroSea has introduced new CLEARLINE® Lid Kits for Guidi strainers and new CLEARLINE® Lid Kit options for Arctic Steel and Scot Pump strainers.

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B&G Launches A “Welcome” Engine Service Special

Feb 10, 2021

Until August 1, 2021 B&G Marine is offering a free engine service for new customers that are new arrivals to the BVI.

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Kanberra's range of products using Tea Tree OIl

B&G appointed BVI dealer for Kanberra products and services

Feb 1, 2021

B&G Marine has been appointed the BVI dealer for Kanberra products. Kanberra produces a range of products that use Pure Australian Tea Tea Oil, which has anti-fungal and ant-bacterial properties, as its core ingredient. Kanberra’s products provide airborne odour elimination, mould control, cleaning and sanitisation, skincare and laundry, both ashore and afloat.

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