Yacht Controller

Yacht Controller

B&G Marine is the BVI dealer and authorized and installer/ repair facility of Yacht Controller systems.

The Yacht Controller systems are wireless devices consisting of a receiver and a transmitter that allows the skipper to manoeuvre a boat from anywhere onboard.

The Yacht Controller control engines in and out of gear, stern thruster, bow thruster, anchor and other operations of a boat. Additionally, a Yacht Controller may also be a Yacht Joystick Control System (JCS) consisting of a wired control mounted at the helm which enables the operator to move the vessel in any direction by pushing the joystick in the desired directional movement.

Anyone who can operate a cellular telephone can operate a Yacht Controller and control their boat more precisely, easily, and safely, from wherever they need to be.

The transmitter is rated to work a minimum of approximately 150 feet from the receiver. However, experience shows that the range is normally much further.

It sends a unique FCC approved band coded digital signal between the transmitter and receiver which allows the operator to control engine, thrusters, anchor and other functions easily and effectively from anywhere on board with a small hand held control.

If your boat is equipped with electronic controls it can be equipped with a Yacht Controller System. There are more than 10,000 in use on more than 180 brands+ of yachts up to 150 feet in length

If your boat does not have electronic controls the YAMAS (Yacht Controller Mechanically Activated System) system can convert your mechanical controls to work wirelessly or through the JCS system or both ways.

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