B&G Adding Gtechniq To Its Roster Of Products & Services

Our finishing team has just spent the week training with Keith Marchman from Gtechniq. They have been learning to prepare for, and apply, Gtechniq’s Ceramic Coatings.

Gtechniq’s Ceramic coatings protect the treated surfaces from chemical and UV degradation as well as offering a level of scratch resistance and dirt-repellency. Gtechniq have a range of chemically bonding coatings that are quartz-based through to composite coatings, each offering varying levels of protection and durability.

Kismet here has had her topsides, deck, and stainless treated with Ceramic Base followed by Ceramic Top. Ceramic Base forms a protective barrier which is extremely hard and exceptionally durable. This makes it very effective at preventing swirling and minor scratching from poor washing techniques. With great gloss retention, Ceramic Base becomes the functional surface of the gelcoat. Ceramic Top offers dirt-repellency, gloss and surface slickness. It has a strong anti-static function that helps to keep surfaces dust-free and also contains a strong UV filter to help to prevent premature fading.

We look forward to testing its effectiveness soon – but we’re confident!