Stat-X The Best Option For Onboard BESS Fire Suppression

Approximately 90% of battery energy storage systems (BESS) today are of the lithium-ion variety. Lithium-ion batteries are so well adopted by boaters and manufacturers because they provide a high energy density in a small, lightweight package and require little maintenance.

However, lithium-ion BESSs present a clear risk of fire and explosion. Their design and mode of failure make many traditional fire suppression agents and tactics ineffective. To adequately protect BESSs, a system of layered protection is required to prevent the BESS from experiencing a severe thermal runaway event.

Adequately protecting a BESS requires a complete and integrated system. Each component has its place and functions to provide layered protection. 


A highly protected BESS might look like this:

  • A well-designed and manufactured battery management system provides oversight of the battery’s functions and operating conditions.
  • A gas detection system is employed to shut down faulty cells and:a. Activate a ventilation systemb. Sound local and remote alarms
  • A total flooding condensed aerosol fire suppression system is installed and connected to the fire detection system.

To provide superior fire protection for BESSs, a specialized agent is required. The ideal agent in this case is one that will:

  • Limit propagation of thermal runaway
  • Extinguish any fire present
  • Does not damage components
  • Does not require significant infrastructure

With so much at stake—lives of the crew, guests, and the vessel—having a system on a small marine vessel that can rapidly and effectively suppress a fire in the enclosed engine space is incredibly important. The Stat-X® total flooding aerosol system is an ideal and proven fire suppression system to protect marine engine spaces. It will quickly suppress fires, limit propagation of thermal runaway, and maintain total flood protection to supress reflash.

The compact units are easily installed in locations where, in the tight spaces of the engine room, they are out of the way.

Stat-X fire suppression

Stat-X offers a range of non-pressurised stainless-steel cylinder options that can be combined to protect various sized areas and are installed within the protected space, with no requirement for external cabinets or pipework.

The Stat-X electrically operated generators can be connected to a fire detection system for activation, or the thermally operated units themselves can be specified to activate at a pre-determined temperature.

The rapid response of the Stat-X system can quickly suppress engine space fires while they are still manageable, thereby reducing damage and keeping the engine turning. Additionally, the agent remains suspended for up to twenty minutes to prevent reflash. Discharge of a Stat-X unit does not damage equipment and requires minimal cleanup.

Stat-X® Fire Suppression Features:
Effective Agent Performance
Highly effective based on required density
Compact and Modular
Offering adaptable design especially when space and weight are critical
Simple and Economic Installation
No expensive labor-intensive piping is required
Ideal for harsh environments and remote locations
Long service life
Service life of fifteen (15) years
Virtually Maintenance Free
U.S. EPA SNAP listed for normally occupied and unoccupied spaces
Environmentally Friendly
Zero Global Warming Potential and Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
Made in the USA

Contact us about installing a Stat-X fore suppression system on your boat. B+G is the official BVI distributor and installer for Stat-X.