Major Storm Services

Before the storm anxiety is only natural when your yacht is in the path of a major storm, but, with B+G’s two-pronged approach to storm prep, you’ll know that everything that should be done to protect your yacht, is taken care of.

“Make the >hurricane< plan. Execute the >hurricane< plan."

We recognize that each boat is unique, as is any location our clients might choose to weather their storm season, and so we take great care in developing every one of our storm plans. Our personalized storm plans are not just for submitting to your insurance company, they are our roadmap when preparing your boat for bad weather.

Regardless of whether there will be work done aboard your boat during storm season, we start our preparations early ensuring the complete plan is actioned before the first storm approaches. We monitor your boat throughout the storm, so long as it is safe to do so, and issue post-storm status reports as soon as the worst weather breaks.

The Other Insurance Issue

Occasionally, storm damage is inevitable, no matter how well a boat is prepped (case in point: Hurricane Irma), and you’ll need to make a claim against your insurance. One hurdle that many boat owners are familiar with is having to disprove what the insurance company may claim as ‘preexisting condition', which can be nearly impossible after the fact. As part of our storm prep procedures, before each storm we issue our clients with a formal checklist to show what specifically was done to prepare their boat, and include photos of both the exterior and interior. We must be doing something right because, to date, not a single one of our clients who use our storm prep services has had a ‘preexisting condition’ issue with their insurance company!

Check out one of our pre-Hurricane Irma Inspection Reports here:

Once the storm has passed

Sorting out a boat that has been damaged by a major hurricane or other severe weather system can be incredibly frustrating, and even more so when you are not in a position to be on site throughout the entire process. Let us help you.

B+G's management program is tailored to each client's needs, so you get the level of assistance that works for you. We can offer all of the following services as part of a long-term management solution, or choose just the services you need with a short-term contract. No matter which, we always work FOR you, and your best interest is our best interest.

Once the storm has passed.../2

Our services:

  • Initial assessment of vessel to determine, independently of insurance surveyor, whether vessel is salvageable and what salvage is likely to entail.
  • Thorough review of insurance survey from the repairers point of view.
  • Regular monitoring of vessel to help ensure it is safe and secure.
  • Regular reports to owner including details of vessel's condition, photos and recommendations for necessary and beneficial repair and maintenance work.​
  • Coordinating with owner to ensure all repairs are completed in accordance with insurance requirements.
  • Install/repair/maintenance for various marine systems, including, but not limited to:
    • Mechanical and electrical
    • A/C and refrigeration
    • Alternative energy: solar, wind, hydroelectric
    • Plumbing: fresh and gray water, septic
    • Watermakers
  • Varnish
  • Interior/exterior detailing
  • Priority access to our metal machining/fabrication and welding, and shipwright services departments for any work requiring their expertise.
  • Coordinating any required subcontractors, including obtaining estimates, and then supervising their work to ensure it is of the highest quality, and making certain their charges are fair.
  • In most cases, all subcontractor costs go through B&G, meaning owner is only billed by one party.