Electroscan Wastewater Treatment Installation

B+G is currently installing a Raritan Electroscan waste and water treatment system.

This U.S. Coast Guard approved Type I Marine Sanitation Device for vessels up to 65 feet in length generates its own natural disinfectant from salt water. Coated electrodes use salt water to kill bacteria and viruses without the addition of harmful chemicals producing discharges with treatment levels that are safe for environmentally sensitive areas.

One-step activation with toilet switch or system status panel automatically activates toilet and treatment system. The flushing action of the toilet discharges waste into the first chamber of the treatment tank. Here the waste is macerated and receives its first treatment. Specially coated electrode plates create an electrical field and convert salt water into hypochlorous acid (a chlorine-like acid), a powerful bactericide – effectively the same system that saltwater pools use.

Once the treatment solution reacts with bacteria and waste, it reverts back to salt and water. The next time the toilet is flushed and new untreated discharge water enters the first chamber, some of the treated discharge enters the second chamber. While the new waste is being treated in the first chamber, the contents of the second chamber are stirred and treated again. Each successive flush moves the previous toilet discharge through the electro scan and eventually overboard or into a holding tank. When the discharge enters the marine environment, virtually all pathogens have been eliminated.

Electrode amps are controlled by the system for optimum performance and reduced current draw. An LCD display provides system status and diagnostic information. Solid State Overload protection eliminates the fuses and relays, once tripped a simple reset will allow the unit to function again.

The Electroscan was the first USCG certified device back in 1972.