Teak Redecking A 75-foot Motor Yacht

B+G recently completed a teak redecking on a 75-foot motor yacht.

The B+G woodshed team started by removing the old teak decking. Using heat guns, scrapers, and sanders the old decking was stripped off and the deck underneath thoroughly cleaned to remove any adhesive residue, dirt, and debris.

Thin plywood templates were created serve as precise guides for cutting the teak planks. Half-inch thick planks were chosen for this project.

Some of the decking was completely assembled in the woodshop, while some was dry-fit, laid, and finished, in situ.

Traditionally the best teak decking jobs use genuine Teak Decking Systems epoxies for bonding the teak to the substrate and the seams are finished with TDS SIS 440 caulking. B+G is traditional! A caulking gun was used to apply the compound evenly into the seams, ensuring a watertight seal. Once the caulking had dried, the decks were lightly sanded to remove any remaining caulking and produce a smooth finish – we are the land of barefoot boating after all!

The decking completed in the woodshed was laid as single completed piece, caulked and ready to go, while the, for the other sections, the individual planking was laid, caulked, and finished onboard the boat.

Teak Decking Systems adhesive was used to secure the decks.