Staff Spotlight: Tracy

Tracy and her family (husband Gordon and their two kids Cooper and Emily) moved to the BVI from Sydney, Australia, at the beginning of the 2016-2017 winter season, though Tracy is no BVI newbie – she first arrived in BVI in 1998!

During her initial stint here, Tracy wore a few different hats, but quickly found herself drawn to the crewed charter industry, working on a variety of local yachts, including the very well-known 105’ trimaran Cuan Law.

In 2007, ready for some time in the ‘real world’, Tracy and Gordon moved to Sydney, where Tracy worked in administration, and accounts in particular, in the medical services field. With family still in BVI (Tracy’s sister- and brother-in-law are Liz Jackson of TICO and Eddie Brockbank of Doyle Sailmakers BVI), Tracy and family were eventually drawn back to paradise, and we could not be more pleased! As you might be able to tell, Tracy’s professional background makes her the perfect fit for the B&G team, and she has proven to be just that.

Get to know Tracy a bit better with this fun Q&A sesh:

Q. What was it that first made you feel part of the B&G team?
A. I think B&G is just like a big family, I felt a part of the team from the beginning. 

Q. What is 1 dish you absolutely, positively will not eat?
A. Tripe or some sort of animal feet.

Q. What is your dream car?
A. No real dream car, but here, one with air conditioning and good suspension!!

Q. If you were trapped on desert island, what 3 things would you want to have with you?
A. Food, Shelter and Wine!!

Q. Do you have a nickname at work?
A. Not yet, thank goodness!

Q. If you haven’t already, would you ever skydive?
A. No thank you – afraid of heights!

Q. If you could splurge on 1 must-have item, and the price did not matter, what would it be?
A. A boat!

Q. Which superhuman power would you like to have?
A. Teleporting myself – not a great flyer!

Q. What is your favorite thing about working at B&G?
A. I work with Todd and Kara in the office mostly, and really enjoy that. They are always keen to teach and ready to work and that gets you motivated to do the same. It’s also a lot of fun liaising with Anand, Tamara and Raju on a daily basis, learning about the technical things they do, and helping them solve problems when they come up.